About Us

About the BNA

Our Vision is to be Bermuda's professional nursing organization with all nurses in Bermuda as members.

The Bermuda Nurses Association is a non-profit charitable organization. It was formed in 1967 .

Our Mission

Enhance the nursing profession and influence the delivery of quality nursing care in Bermuda

Our Values

We, The Bermuda Nurses Association are committed to:

  1. The pursuit of excellence

  2. High standards of character and integrity

  3. Service at all levels

  4. Respect for diversity

  5. Promoting success in the individual & common goals

"Nursing is the single largest profession within the healthcare network" (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016)
Our Objectives
  1. Promoting nursing to the community as a viable, rewarding, diverse career

  2. Promoting lifelong learning through continuing education

  3. Providing educational grants to nursing students and members

  4. Collaborating with Bermuda Hospitals Board, Bermuda Nursing Council, Ministry of Health, Bermuda College, Department of Health, businesses, schools and other local and overseas stakeholders.

  5. Contributing to changes in policy and laws that are likely to impact on nursing practise

  6. Managing funds in a fiscally responsible, cost effective manner

  7. Accepting and upholding the International Council of Nurses standards

  8. Establishing, promoting and maintaining programs to enable nurses to achieve a level of economic and social recognition

  9. Providing the structure for bargaining right of nurses, if indicated

Meet some of the leading nurses on our executive team

Renee Faulcon
Karen Grant-Simmons
1st Vice President
Janice George NOTY.jpg
Janice Mullings-George
2nd Vice President