The Bermuda Nurses Association awards nursing students and BNA Registered Nurse scholarships annually. The Iris Almeria Davis grant applications are accepted in July and each applicant is interviewed once they have met the qualifications.

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2021 Recipients

2021 Scholarship recipients and committee.jfif

Left to right: Scholarship Committee Member RN Nadine Blake; Recipient Student Nurse Regina Dill; Scholarship Committee Member RN Dashante' Burgess; Recipient BNA Nurse Olieva Martins; NOTY 2021 and 1st VP Karen Grant-Simmons; Recipient BNA Nurse Luz Soto-Lambert; Scholarship Committee Member RN Janice Sealy-Khan; Recipient Student Nurse Tamara Symonds; (missing from picture:  Recipient student nurse Theresa Santucci)

2019 Recipients

2019 scholarship recipients.jpg

Left to right: Recipient Student Nurse Jennifer Ross; Scholarship Committee Members RNs: Vinisha Jatto, Dashante' Burgess and Janice Sealy-Khan, Recipient RN Laurie Smith and Recipient Student Nurse Donnalyn Smith

2018 Recipients

2018 scholarship recipients.jpg

Left to right: BNA Treasurer Lacie Williams-Hill; BNA President Beverley Howell; Student Nurse

Dasha Caines; RN Whitney Matthew; RN Maxine Herbert-Watson; Student Nurse Najah Garcia; and Daniels (niece of Nurse Iris Davis)

2017 Recipients

Left to right: Nurse Carys Caisey, Students: Coryanne Edwards, Azhanae Oliver, Lalique Simmons and BNA President Beverley Howell