BNA Executive 2020-2021

The Executive Committee represents the membership by vote and voluntarily serves for a term of one year.  Each role is detailed in our constitution. 

President: Renee Faulcon

1st Vice President: Karen Grant-Simmons

2nd Vice President: Whitney Matthew

Treasurer: Dashante` Burgess

Recording Secretary: Lindsay Donovan

Corresponding Secretary: Nadine Blake

Members at Large: Olieva Martins; Janice Sealy-Khan; Erinn Smith; B. Carolann Tacklyn; Genevieve Williams-Hart

Nurse Intern Representative:Debrina Simons

Nurse of the Year 2019: Janice Mullings-George

Ex-Officio: Godfrey Nichols

Left Side: Renee Faulcon, Lindsay Donovan, Karen Grant-Simmons, Godfrey Nichols

Back Row: Erinn Smith, Genevieve Williams-Hart;

Right Side: Debrina Simons, B, Carolann Tacklyn, Nadine Blake, Janice Sealy-Khan,

Olievia Martins

Center Front: Dashante` Burgess and Whitney Matthew

Member missing from photo: Janice Mullings-George

The Bermuda Nurses Association welcomes Nurse Janice Mullings-George to the Executive team as Nurse of the Year for the 2019-2020 term.